(updated 12.10.2017)

  • Manual in portuguese language:
    Artur Weber created a portuguese translation of the manual. You can find it here on his page

  • Patches Section updated:
    Andrew Savchenko from Gentoo Linux sent me several patches (xcdroast-0.98alpha16-patches.tar.xz) for fixing some small issues. Please see the Patches-Section.

  • Patches Section updated:
    Jörg Schilling sent me a patch (io_progressbar_fix.patch) which fixes non running progressbars when using new cdrtools. Please see the Patches-Section.

  • FAQ-Translation for Belorussian available:
    Paul Bukhovko sent me a translated FAQ for Belorussian users. See the FAQ-Section.

  • Patches Section updated:
    Robert Grimm did send me a patch to fix the cdda2wav version detection for the newest cdda2wav versions. Please see the Patches-Section.

  • Patches Section updated:
    I added a compile fix for io.c open()-Bug in the Patches-Section. So if you run into this problem, try this one.

  • X-CD-Roast 0.98alpha16 released:
    In order to make things simpler this release just merges the existing patches and updates and brings therefore better compatibility with the current cdrtools.
    There are no new features, so if your copy of X-CD-Roast runs fine, there is no need to update.

  • Updated Solaris 10 (Sparc) Package for download:
    John Grawl sent me a newer Solaris package of X-CD-Roast (alpha15). You can download it here: Non-Linux-Packages. Thank you!

  • TUTORIAL: Burning DVD on X-CD-Roast with cdrecord-ProDVD:
    Thomas Chung created a nice tutorial to use with Fedora Core 1. Most information however also applies to other distributions. Please see here.

  • Clarification about DVD formats:
    I am receiving lots of error-reports that X-CD-Roast is not detecting DVD media correctly. In all cases this was due someone used DVD-R/RW in a DVD+R/RW writer or the other way round. DVD-minus is something completely different as DVD-plus - be sure to buy correct media for your writer! See here for more background information.

  • MacOS X 10.3 (Panther) package available:
    A Panther compatible version is now available for download. For more information check this page.

  • Activated Make a Donation:
    If you want to support me a little I would be thankful if you use the new PayPal-Donate feature as offered via SourceForge. Thanks!

  • MacOS 10.3 support soon:
    I am trying to figure out some last problems with Panther and X-CD-Roast at the moment, so there might be a new package available soon.

  • Known bugs:
    I created a patches section which contains fixes for recently found problems in the latest release.

  • Automounter warning:
    If you have any trouble with running X-CD-Roast please check first if you have any automounter stuff running. Gnome/KDE both enable these things by default. You also might have to disable integrated tools like the nautilus burning in the newest Gnome versions.

21 August 2008: X-CD-Roast 0.98alpha16 released!

Whats new:
  • merged in all patches I received and published on my webpage in the last few years. (compile warnings fixes, locale fixes, wav detection fixes, removed pcre dependency from configure, crash fixes and version detection fixes - lot of thanks to all contributors!)
  • merged in several of the patches RedHat created for RPM version.
  • improved current cdrtools support.
  • removed extra handling for ProDVD, as this is all now integrated into the current cdrecord without any need for a key.
  • updated several translations.
See the changelog for a complete list of changes.

Further updated files:

A recent release of the cdrtools is required. Minimum release is 2.01, 2.01.01 or newer is recommended. 2.01a14 or newer is required for the audio-on-the-fly and DVD support.

  • X-CD-Roast 0.98alpha14 package for MacOS 10.2:
    Please check here about the port of X-CD-Roast to MacOS Jaguar.
    A package of 0.98alpha15 on MacOS Panther should be available soon.

  • Standard warning:
    Most distributons ship with older versions of X-CD-Roast and also disabled the built-in non-root-mode. For the full features always install the most recent, fully enabled version from this page.

  • I published a list of the current status of all available translations.

Call to boycott!
The cddb-service has locked all unregistered clients out. Therefore X-CD-Roast can no longer lookup CD titles using their server. To register they demand ridiculous procedures which I won't follow! Be sure to use the X-CD-Roast default FREE cddb-server "". Almost all other freeware authors do recommend the same.

Call for translation-maintainers:

As you know its very easy to add support for new languages in X-CD-Roast. All I need is a reliable person for each language which can do the job. If you think you have some extra time you want to contribute to the X-CD-Roast project and want your language supported, please contact me.

Please check the translation status page for a list of current translations and their maintainers.

See the file TRANSLATION.HOWTO included with the source code for details.


What is X-CD-Roast?

X-CD-Roast tries to be the most flexible CD-burning software ever. It allows even the unexperienced user to create or copy a CD with a few mouse clicks in a intuitive and nice looking graphical user interface.

Features included in new version 0.98alpha16:

  • Portable - runs on Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, HPUX, Irix, AIX ...
  • Multi langual - translations available in 31 languages
  • Graphical setup
  • Graphical wav-player
  • Fully themeable via GTK-Themes
  • Tooltip help
  • Copies Data, Audio, Mixed-Modes
  • Creates Data, Audio, Mixed-Mode, Multisession
  • Bootable CD support
  • CD-Text
  • CDDB-support via HTTP/Proxy or native
  • Copy/Master Data and Audio-CDs on the fly
  • Administration mode for usage in computer pools
  • Data-DVD writing (DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW) - experimental DVD-Video support
  • Drag&Drop
  • Networked device support (Remote-SCSI)


The X-CD-Roast 0.98alpha14 Manual - many thanks to Thorsten Stärk

The FAQ for common questions and answers.


Some screenshots of the last version 0.98alpha14.

Note: This screenshots may change anytime and need not reflect the looks of the final version.
Thanks to Ralf Schülke for new shots. (Done on Mandrake 9.1)

Fig.1: Setup
Fig.2: Read CD
Fig.3: Write CD
Fig.4: Blank CD
Fig.5: Info screen
[play tracks-screenshot]
Fig.6: Play audio
[write options-screenshot]
Fig.7: Write options
[master image-screenshot]
Fig.8: Master image

Download and Installation:

X-CD-Roast 0.98alpha16:


If you have questions or remarks about X-CD-Roast you are free to mail me:

If you have any question about cdrecord (the tool X-CD-Roast uses to write its CDs) please contact Jörg Schilling:

If you think you found a bug and already looked through the manual and FAQ please follow here as a guide how to write the report best in order to be useful.


Special thanks to the Companies which sponsored me with free sample CD-Writers or internet domain services. If you also want to be a sponsor, please contact me.

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