This directory contains patches for the current X-CD-Roast release 1.18.

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	- makefile_destdir.patch

	  Fixes the use of "make DESTDIR=... install" behaviour, as needed by package maintainers. 
	  You need to rerun "aclocal" and "automake" after applying to regenerate the tools.
	  Thanks to "beachcoder" for the hint.

	- imgfile_case-sensitivity.patch

	  Match file extensions case insensitive (e.g. .ISO). Thanks to Mathias Büttner.

	- xcdroast-1.18-charsets.diff.gz

	  Allow to use all iconv charsets as mkisofs input/output charsets (see: iconv -l).
          Set the charset to "custom" and you can enter a manual charset like e.g. 'iconv:BIG5'. 
	  The very common charset 'UTF-8' has be added as predefined entry.
	  Thanks to Georgy Salnikov for the patch!

How to apply these patches?

Patches can only be used on the sourcecode. You have to recompile X-CD-Roast after you applied them - so if you installed X-CD-Roast from an RPM these are useless for you. There may be updated RPMs in the future, but better don't wait for them.


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