This directory contains patches for the current X-CD-Roast release 1.18.

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	- makefile_destdir.patch

	  Fixes the use of "make DESTDIR=... install" behaviour, as needed by package maintainers. 
	  You need to rerun "aclocal" and "automake" after applying to regenerate the tools.
	  Thanks to "beachcoder" for the hint.

	- imgfile_case-sensitivity.patch

	  Match file extensions case insensitive (e.g. .ISO). Thanks to Mathias Büttner.

	- xcdroast-1.18-charsets.diff.gz

	  Allow to use all iconv charsets as mkisofs input/output charsets (see: iconv -l).
          Set the charset to "custom" and you can enter a manual charset like e.g. 'iconv:BIG5'. 
	  The very common charset 'UTF-8' has be added as predefined entry.
	  Thanks to Georgy Salnikov for the patch!

	- nocdtextfile.patch

          If an Audio CD contains CD-Text, then cdda2wav by default writes a *.cdtext file to the disk.
          Since X-CD-Roast only handles with the *.inf files and never touches or deletes the cdtext file,
          its creation has to be suppressed. Thanks to Mathias Büttner.

How to apply these patches?

Patches can only be used on the sourcecode. You have to recompile X-CD-Roast after you applied them - so if you installed X-CD-Roast from an RPM these are useless for you. There may be updated RPMs in the future, but better don't wait for them.


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