This directory contains patches for the current X-CD-Roast release 1.19.

Before you report a bug you can check here about known issues and possible solutions.

	- edit_cddb.patch

	  Fixes some issues when editing CD-Text/CDDB entries in the
	  Write CD/DVD menue. Thanks to Mathias Büttner for reporting
	  this problem.

	- xcdroast-1.19-Patches.tar.gz

	  Some more patches for various issues. Also thanks to Mathias Büttner
	  for providing these.

How to apply these patches?

Patches can only be used on the sourcecode. You have to recompile X-CD-Roast after you applied them - so if you installed X-CD-Roast from an RPM these are useless for you. There may be updated RPMs in the future, but better don't wait for them.


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